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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to survive your Monday

A few things that cheered up a somewhat miserable Monday for me :

1. Buying myself flowers on the way to work :) I (like so many other girls) love blue hydrangea

Ooo those two lint rollers in the background are moderately embarrassing ... 

2. A chai tea from Starbucks. Normally I just drink green tea but I switched it up and ordered Chai with some soy milk delicious.

3. Knowing that I will be going to DC on Friday :) !!!!! Woot woot

Monday / Tuesday are my class days so I find myself just praying to get to Wednesday. By then it feels like I've lived the week already. This Wednesday I get to attend Core Fusion at Exhale. I have a few passes for classes there and last week I did their cardio. I was unable to walk till about yesterday so I can't wait to go punish myself again. 

I had the discussion with my friends that there are certain classes you attend that just literally remind you that you aren't the fittest person in the world. Even in my Lululemon and sport headband I couldn't fool myself in this class. The teacher was constantly checking in on me by saying "Good Job Maggie". What she really meant was ... "don't die on us !!!". 

I've been getting back  into my health in a great way lately. Protein Shakes for breakfast and salads for lunch ! I found giving up veganism all together had a really negative effect, so I'm getting back to basics.

I'll share mine soon ... but until then see what these girls are doing ! A seven day green smoothie challenge. They are replacing one meal every day with a green smoothie.


Melissa said...

Lint rollers are a must ! Stick them in the drawer.

Tricia said...

chai tea sounds great!